Custom Brake Conversion and Repair

Custom Brake Conversion and Repair

Select Motors is the place for custom brake conversion and repair tomb raider pc game for free. From custom brake conversions to repair and fine tuning original brake systems,we have the skills and tools to do the job right the first time.

Why Custom Brake Conversion

Most classic cars were produced with adequate brakes for their application bilder einer website herunterladen. However, those original brakes often don’t work well in today’s world of high horsepower street engines, oversized wheels and tires, and fast-moving highway traffic kostenlos trailer downloaden. Therefore custom brake conversions and upgrades are an intelligent choice. 

Do you want to convert your drum brakes to disc brakes? 

Custom brakes and conversion packages are offered by many brake parts manufacturers zdf inhalte downloaden. The Select Motors team can take the guesswork out of custom brake installation.  We can help you decide which conversion kit is right for your classic car or truck apps lg smart tv.

Custom Brake Repair

Classic Car Brake Installation

Our experienced technicians have the knowledge to solve brake line, brake hose, brake proportioning, and mechanical pedal advantage issues associated with custom brake installations bester mp3er kostenlos.

Repair and fine tuning original brake systems

Original Brake Repair

We often see brakes that are over boosted, under boosted, have the wrong residual pressure valves, or incorrect brake proportioning Download itunes lied. We have the experience and the technical expertise to install the brake system you desire or tune your existing system.  Our professionals can not only make your classic muscle car look good and go fast but assure that it handles properly and brakes quickly and safely. 

Let us return your classic car brake system to its original function and appearance download netflix on notebook. Often what appears to be an original brake arrangement is a severely mismatched set of parts that performs poorly. We have the expertise to diagnose and deliver a first class brake system for your classic car or truck. 

Custom Brake Conversion


Call our project manager today to discuss your custom brake conversion or repair herunterladen.

We are available at 318-640-4584 Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. 

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