Automotive Custom Paint and Design

We are experts in the field of automotive custom paint and design and produce show quality vehicles.

The value of your automobile is heavily influenced by the quality of the body and paint work performed during restoration herunterladen kürzel.


A paint job can only be as stable as the material on top of which it is applied.

Select Motors’ chemical stripping process removes those 30, 40 and 50 plus years of products which have the potential to become unstable when introduced with new products: seam sealer, primer, sealer, and paint lan scanner.Camaro in Paint Booth

Paint Shop

Paint Booth

Our body men are experts on panel alignment, panel gap and body line restoration and correction herunterladen. Also involved in the entire preparation and painting process are our award winning painters.


The caliber of your vehicle will be judged by others based on the quality of the paint and body videos umwandeln herunterladen.

The preparation work that goes into producing the perfect body and paint work is essential in creating a finish that will last as well.

Select Motors can perform minor repairs on your vehicle’s paint, or we can completely restore your car’s body with a flawless custom paint scheme or bring your classic auto back to life with show quality original paint download apps philips.Automotive Custom Paint and Design

Contact us today to discuss how our auto paint and body restoration shop can help you with your restoration or repair needs einladungskarten 70 geburtstag kostenlos downloaden!

Custom Paint Mixing

Mixing Room