Automotive Custom Metal Fabrication

Select Motors specializes in automotive custom metal fabrication. You will find our quality craftsmanship is second to none.

Custom Metal Fabrication

Custom Built Aluminum Fan Shroud

Nothing moves air like an engine driven fan paired with a modern style fan shroud. The metal fabricators at Select Motors make fan shrouds for classic cars with the aerodynamics of a modern fan shroud. These types of shrouds allow more air to be moved through a radiator than older shrouds which served mainly as a guard.

We often custom build firewalls to eliminate unnecessary holes and stampings.  Our custom metal fabricators can bring your custom ideas from the drawing board to the showroom.


Almost every vehicle needs a small patch of some sort during the steel work process of restoration.

Sometimes the job does not warrant buying an entire panel to use the small piece that is needed.  Our ability to fabricate the necessary portion of a panel saves our customers time and money.

When working with vehicles built during transition years and those that do not have a strong reproduction market, the skilled technicians at Select Motors build panels and structural steel parts as needed.

Give us a call to discuss all your custom fabrication needs.