Chevy Hardtop Bel Air Custom Builds


Before the Camaro and Mustang roamed the earth, before the Chevelle, GTO, 442, Superbee, Roadrunner, and Cuda ever existed, and at a time when the first V8 Corvette had not been built, the Chevy Hardtop Bel Air debuted download powerpoint mac.

It may not be considered a muscle car by definition, but it is America’s hot rod of the fifties, sixties, seventies and today!

These two different cars came from two different men from two different cities.  When they arrived at Select Motors, they were both bare hulls, mere reminders of the fine Chevy Hardtop Bel Air cars they had been, yet destined to become two very different Super Cars, the dream of most men gta 5 mod downloaden ps4.

Both cars received chemical stripping and e-coating to ensure a lasting restoration through the years.
Once the sheet metal work and body work were complete, these 55 Chevys were on their way to Super Car Status romme deutsch kostenlosen.
The zz502 car came from the factory with a California one piece frame while the zz4 car had a C Channel construction frame.

Both cars received Fat Man Fabrication front clips herunterladen.6360ee02-4255-4cfb-9cdd-816d74b2024a - Copy

The zz502 car received Wilwood Brakes while the zz4 car received GM Disc Brakes computer bild kostenlos musik downloaden.

Suspension for the ZZ4 car was Air Ride while the zz502 car rode on coil over shocks.

Both cars received drop spindles, improved castor and rack and pinion steering pokemon x herunterladen.

The zz4 car used its stock axle with an Air Ride Technologies Four Link, and the zz502 car used a 9″ Ford differential with a fabricated 45 degree four link airtable.

Both cars received positive traction.

The zz502 car was built with a Turbo 400 and Gear Vendors Overdrive Unit.  The zz4 car received a TCI 700R4 overdrive transmission wie kann ich bei youtube musik kostenlos herunterladen.

The zz4 car received an injection system that was popular when the style of aluminum heads found on  zz4 motors were used on Corvettes back in the late eighties microsoft language package.

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The zz502 car received an Accel Pro-Ram Injection System that is primarily a tunnel ram with a plenum on top spotify nur im wlan herunterladen.
Both cars received Zoops Posi Trac accessories.

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The zz502 car has an engine that makes more than 500 horsepower. A Morrison double bypass radiator was used. With its upper and lower tanks, water passes in front of the fans twice before returning to the engine.

A two-core aluminum radiator with two inch wide cores was used in the ZZ4 car to cool its 350 horsepower engine.

New Stalgia Wheel & Tire distributed American Racing Wheels for the ZZ4 car and Billet Specialties wheels for the zz502 car.

The zz502 car rides on a set of Goodyear F4 radials while the zz4 car rides on a set of KUMHO radials.

The zz502 car used an Ididit chrome steering column with column shifter.

The zz4 car used a Flaming River polished stainless street tilt column and Lokar floor shifter.

Both cars are equipped with Classic Instruments custom instrument clusters for 55 Chevys.

ZZ4’s received an antique white face with matching clock, and ZZ502 received the same equipment in black.

Chevy Hardtop Bel AirThese two cars have a very subtle custom approach.  From a distance, their stance and custom wheels suggest that there is more to see.
From inside subtle custom approaches to a factory layout continue the intrigue.2bfe464c-7417-435c-b8ea-a52a9fdf0546

Under the hood, these cars make it clear they were built with a plan and a purpose that is whole and void of any after thoughts.

These are two well-planned customs, worlds apart and yet in a category of their own together.