George Harrison’s LYR111K 1972 BMW


Q:  What would a musician and songwriter for the most influential Rock n Roll band in history have chosen for a custom licenses plate for his new 1972 BMW 3.0 CSA tomtom mydrive connect for free?   

                                 LYR111K License Plate

A: LYR111K 


George Harrison of The Beatles did just that, and not only did he compose a cool name for his BMW, he locked it in as history by registering this tag and new BMW at the Apple Records address of 3 Savile Row, London, UK, 1 kostenlos musik legal downloaden. 

 applesleeve1      3-savile-row_01

  To drive this home we also have a document of the name and address of registered keeper showing the first change of address on this vehicle from George Harrison at 3 Savile Row, London, UK, 1 to George Harrison Friar Park, Henley-on-Thames, his home, in England at the time disney plus auf pc herunterladen.


So where is LYR111K now ik kan ios 12 niet downloaden?

LYR111K is now undergoing a concourse rotisserie restoration at Select Motors Classic Car Restoration in Ball, Louisiana 

                                      Select Motors Classic Car Restoration and Repair

Stay tuned for restoration photos of LYR111K as we restore one of the coolest pieces of Beatle memorabilia to roll on this side of the pond Download icloud pc photos!