1966 Chevy Chevelle Restoration

1966 Chevy Chevelle RestorationThis 1966 Chevy Chevelle Restoration project is an example of the classic car restorations Select Motors has completed.  Ever wondered what happened to that cool car you rode in while in high school? The guy in our story heard of his high school dream car trading hands and was persistent enough to acquire it from the second owner.

Deep into his restoration, time to work on the ’66 SS 396 Chevelle became very scarce. He elected to have Select Motor Company prepare his car body for paint. Photos here will show the process.

Rusted panels were patched and replaced. Next, surfaces and internal cavities were cleaned and became rust free with a bath in caustic soda, or acid dipping. After the body was acid dipped, it was again submerged but, this time, in an e-coat vat. All surfaces in contact with the fluid were electroplated.

Holes left in the metal where the acid dipping process removed rust and body filler were then repaired.